Saturday, October 20, 2012


Produced their one billionth pack of Type 108 Land Film. First introduced in July of 1963 and by 1979 they had reached an impressive production mark, basically 62,500,000 film packs a year on average in the span of 16 years. The only reference I found online for their production runs was here an estimated 100 million packs of Polacolor in 1973. Type 108 eventually went through improvements in February of 1975 becoming Polacolor 2 with the use of anti-curl photographic paper (No more print mounts.) and the same SX-70 metalized dyes to be more fade resistant*. 108 would have a production run of almost forty years ending in the early 2000's.

With The Impossible Project producing their own instant film today I wonder how many packs are manufactured so far, will they reach this same milestone of achievement. I think they will make it, there is a lot of support of their instant film line and with their recent success of the Instant Lab it's going to happen.    

Stacks of 108 packs

Rows and rows of beautiful 108

*(The first thirty years 1948-1978
  A chronology of Polaroid photographic products)  


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