Sunday, November 18, 2012


 Filed on June 17,1974, a magazine camera back for the SX-70 to hold a multitude of film packs as many as 10 at a time and pack change was automatic or manual to eject the pack and reload the next, the magazine is also detachable to load a full magazine. 
 The bottom of the SX-70 was modified and part of it removed but leaving the contacts to power the camera. The rollers are no longer attached to the camera as they are attached to the rails as the rails moves forward the magazine moves with the rails, the empty pack ejects and is helped in the ejection process by the lower pack as it moves upwards and when you push the rails back in to home position it loads the new pack and the rollers are back in position.

Here's a link to the patent MAGAZINE CAMERA 3903535


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