Sunday, April 07, 2013


I recently acquired these manuals while looking for repair info for my Polaroid 110A shutter and finding only a little bit of info, I figure I would scan and upload to the net for everyone to share. These manuals are nice they cover shutter trouble, the cause of the trouble and the corrective action to be taken. They also have a parts diagram and list. I put Hyperlinks below each manual so click and enjoy.

The first manual covers the Prontor S, SV, and SVS shutters.

The second manual is a supplement to the first.

The seventh manual in the series covers the Prontor Press used in the MP4 and CU5.



  1. Thank you very much for this! Merci!

  2. thanks from're the best...

  3. Wow! I was surprised at the search hit for these manuals. Thanks for Sharing!

  4. wonderful info, have been searching for it for so long!
    thank you!!

  5. HI,

    I though I got lucky on this January 1st 2015, but the files above appear to be gone from One Drive. Any chance you would repost? I have several Prontor shutters to repair and this eems like a life saver. Thanks.

  6. Please help me. I also need an explanation on repairing the SVS-Shutter but I can´t open the file. So could You restore the scans of the booklet once again?

    Thank You